barcelona is a city that offers all sorts of activities for all tastes and ages. design known as a city after the olympics of 92, still retains that spirit of innovation, design, culture, art, but especially the mediterranean spirit, in this

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con niños- barcelona

today we will spend all day shopping with kids!. if you do not have them, ask for them to your friends, family, partners. they will be happy for sure! ;)

Walking down Gran Via, you enter in Barruguet. you will want to be a child again instantly. you will leave the shop with a classic wooden toy but modernized. going down to Plaza Sant Josep Oriol where you will have a trip down memory lane when you enter in Joguines Monforte shop, board games, kites, puzzles, dolls, tin toys are waiting for you and the kids!

this melancholic feeling opens your appetite; enjoy a delicious burger at Pim Pam Burguer in rec street. very healthy and funny for the kids. if you want to dress them in an original way, check out La Pintada in mozart street, a hand-painted clothing shop.

shopping day comes to an end. who will sleep better tonight? those lovable little monsters? or you? ;)

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