barcelona is a city that offers all sorts of activities for all tastes and ages. design known as a city after the olympics of 92, still retains that spirit of innovation, design, culture, art, but especially the mediterranean spirit, in this

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vom fass barcelona

Buy with a passion and appreciation of enjoyment and make others smile, too!

A magical tour of modernist Barcelona will take you to Gràcia and to this unusual shop. All kinds of oils, vinegars and spirits, countless original gifts and unique souvenirs of Barcelona. More than 30 olive, nuts and seed oils, 20 fruit and wine balsamic vinegars and 50 spirits of all kinds.

Our unique VOM FASS concept is based on a simple idea: “Look•Taste •Enjoy”

When visiting us you can leisurely peruse our wide selection of high quality oils, vinegars and spirits, profit from our partner’s expertise, sample selected products and then have your desired quantity freshly decanted into one of our various bottles. We will refill them time and again. Our contribution to environmental preservation!

Please ask about our wide range of gift ideas!

The first VOM FASS shop opened on 23 March 1994 in Regensburg, Germany. Today, VOM FASS counts more than 250 partners with shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Czech Republic, the US…

C/ Cigne, 14
08012 Barcelona

Phone:93 416 06 73

From 10:00 to 14:00
and from 17:00 to 20:00 -
Closed sunday and monday morning




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