barcelona is a city that offers all sorts of activities for all tastes and ages. design known as a city after the olympics of 92, still retains that spirit of innovation, design, culture, art, but especially the mediterranean spirit, in this

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El hombre sapo
Meeting El Hombre Sapo (in English, “The Toad Man”) was such an event for the ODC team. El Hombre Sapo is a Colombian designer who has been living in Barcelona since 2000. After wondering about the existence of prince charming during years an...
Simón Orfila
Simón Orfila, a bass-baritone from Menorca sets up in Barcelona every time he has a performance at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. He trained at the Reina Sofia School of Music in Madrid for three years wit...
jaume vidiella
Jaume Vidiella starts his working day by checking Style, Facebook, Purple Diary, El País’ headlines and his personal email… the order of this daily ritual depends on his mood, and on other (bloody) demands. This cool hunter, born in Reus and ...
xavier gallego

we have breaksfast with xavier in liadisimo cafe in gracia, he likes this place for the sofa, the friendly and efficient service and by the mixture of atmosphere in the time o...

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